Absolute Facial Mist

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Main Selling Point 

“O’leste’ Absolute Facial Mist is the miracle Mineral Ecology Water”,Mineral Ecology water uses an advanced technology that is capable of increasing energy in mineral water from a specially-selected Tourmaline source. This new technological application causes latent natural energy in Tourmaline to be released and produces Mineral Ecology water.

Why Absolute Facial Mist (Natural sense of smell from 100% Mineral Water) 

We produce high quality products to satisfy our customer need by using the new innovation and advanced technology. 

·         Mineral Ecology water uses an advanced technology that is capable of increasing energy in mineral water from a specially-selected Tourmaline source. Contains active Mineral Ecology Water collected from primeval forests. Energy (anion, far-infrared) 

·         Anions in Mineral Ecology Water is like vitamins in food which is good for both body and skin 

·         Far-infrared Rays are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature and active. In Ancient China, palm healing was used to pass these infrared rays from one person to another.

·         Mineral Ecology Water has Nano particles with fastest penetration. 

** O’leste’ Absolute Facial Mist  is 100% natural without any additives; artificial color; chemical fragrances; preservatives and drugs. It can be used over the eyes and mouth directly. 

*** Every product of O'leste' and Fierte' has been passed Dermatologically Tested or Non-irritation by Dermscan Asia. 

Benefit of Absolute Facial Mist 

1.       Contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient to repair skin tissue and skin infection from skin wounds, sunburns or scalding. It helps to promote healing speed, reduce aching and bleeding and accelerate epithelial growth.

2.       Skin Allergies : Soothes and adjusts skin affected by allergies cased due to improper skin care, diet or airborne particles. 

3.        Skin Care: Eliminates free radicals and stimulates activation of human facial skin, ensuring sterilization of affected skin. It helps to remove stains; acne treatment; skin ulcers; anti-wrinkle and skin revitalization.


After cleansing the face, spray the product onto the face and neck (should be done before putting on makeup) and can be sprayed at any time during the day to increase moisture for your face. 

Tips: for skin care, wash your face every morning and evening. Spray evenly on the face, gently pat the face to dry, and repeat tice. After completed the above steps, you are free to use your own skin products. It will help to enhance skin revitalizing as well.

Product Details
Ingredients - Aqua Water - Tourmaline Extract - Calendula officinalis flower water

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